…keep it green!

Environmental awareness is a key part in eGym’s company culture. The “Green Team” was founded upon eGymees’ initiative in 2015 with the mission to make eGym greener and more sustainable.

What is the Green Team’s objective?

With innovative ideas and creativity combined with a lot of engagement, we are trying to make eGym “greener”. This means we are searching for ways to protect the environment in as many ways as possible and contribute to a healthier more sustainable lifestyle.

In order to reduce waste, we have for example established cotton towel dispensers and equipped the office with reusable Dean&David salad bowls. In order to green up our office space, we have also added plants and established waste separation. Another achievement is that for internal company events we only serve healthy food and do not offer soft drinks.

Our latest project was to supply the office with fresh and healthy smoothies. We’ve got the ingredients at a place near our office where you can buy your food without causing any waste. The store is called OHNE and fully renounces packaging waste. The project was very successful as received positive by our co-eGymees and lots of fun.

eGym Green Team

A video of our little smoothie event can be found here.