We shape the vision of our products and push our users’ experience to the next level. We define the strategic path of our products always considering the latest trends in the industry. Our sport scientists’ expertise ensures that our EGYM products are developed in line with scientific findings. You are innovative and enjoy working in close contact with clients? Product Management at EGYM is the place to be for you.




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1. What are you currently working on?
I’m working on the development of a new product. I can’t tell you anymore right now 😉 – stay tuned.

2. What was your most exciting project?
The development of an energy expenditure calculator for strength training. Nothing like this existed before and it was very exciting to work on such an innovative feature.

3. What are your daily tasks?
Fortunately, I have no daily tasks. Except the coffee in the morning 🙂

4. What is special about your job at EGM?
The variety of my tasks is amazing. I never do the same thing twice!

5. What is your favorite office place?
Where the table soccer stands.

6. What is your favorite EGYM event?
The FIBO is always the highlight of the year with great people and party every night.


1. What are you currently working on?
My team and I are currently working on creating an ecosystem of connected equipment on the gym’s training floor. Just imagine that you are walking in a gym, with an RFID armband, and can be identified at each equipment you use (e.g. a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, a body-analyzer scale, etc.), then be personally welcomed on the screen by a “hello” message including your first name, and be able to pick the “quick start” button but also personal exercise prescriptions (that your trainer designed for you earlier and remotely on his EGYM iPad app), then start your workout, and when finished get all your results synchronised with your EGYM App and the iPad App of your trainer. Effortless. Frictionless. In other words, “the EGYM way”! This what we do in the “EGYM connect” team.

2. What was your most exciting project?
If we speak about connecting a cardio equipment to our EGYM cloud and apps, the Matrix project was really exciting and really tricky. Especially the design of the data model on our server to be able to prescribe correctly exercises to the Matrix equipment. “Tricky” for business-tech guys as me means of course exciting!
If we speak about consumer-equipment, the integration of the Fitbit smart devices was also a great excitement for our whole team. Fitbit has developed a pretty cool automatic activity detection algorithm called “Smarttrack”. And to integrate smartly all the activities detected and tracked by this SmartTrack to our EGYM system, without generating double activities, or overwhelming feed entries for our EGYM App users, was both from the frontend and backend perspectives, a challenging project.

3. Describe the team you are working in in three words.
Competence. Collaboration. Excitement.

4. What is special about your job at EGYM?
What makes my job at EGYM special is the end-to-end aspect of what i do. For instance, I potentially start by meeting the CEO of a potential partner, pitch the positives for his company of partnering with EGYM, negotiate a partnership agreement including a business model, and jump to designing with this partner the user journey of a EGYM user at/with the partner equipment, making the user experience fantastic, and then lead my Product-Owner and development team as a Chief Product Owner, to get the API integration done, and the user-experience at partner equipment/devices great. Then start the real life test of our integrated solution at pilot-gyms, before finally launching the “integration” product.

5. How would you describe EGYM in three words?
Ambitious. Tech-tastic. Unique.

6. What is your favorite EGYM event?
The NEXT events are legendary. Once a month about 100 gym owners come to our office in Munich to learn about digitalization while experiencing our products and meeting our teams. On top of this, the DJ and the food are always great 😉


lisa b

1. What are you currently working on?
As product manager of the Fitness App team, I am responsible to make sure we develop the right product that delivers the greatest value to our customers. Currently, I spend a lot of time planning since the next months will bring more exciting changes to the product and our team. There is an endless number of possibilities to further develop the product, but we need to make sure to chose the right way for the user and solve real issues for them when working out at the gym. So I am setting goals and creating a roadmap for the next quarter to make sure we are working on the right topics that help us to make the app successful.

2. What was your most exciting project?

We are moving fast, so the most exciting project is always the next one. These are projects which show us how our efforts pay off: so I am excited to see the impact on our usage numbers after we worked on a topic for several weeks or months. In the past this was for example presenting the new Fitness App to the customers at FIBO 2016 and recently to release a completely new exercise tracking and including Fitbit. Seeing that people are so eagerly looking forward to new features that they find out about them before you even start advertising them.

3. Describe the team you are working in in three words.
International, crazy, one-of-a-kind.
4. What is special about your job at EGYM?

The vast number of opportunities that this product gives you to make an impact on peoples lives. Particularly in the context of the EGYM ecosystem, which caters so many different products that the number of opportunities for cooperation are just endless: EGYM connect, EGYM machines, Trainer App and Studiosuche, just to name a few of them. So many great teams with he same goal that we can join forces with. Furthermore it means playing the role of an entrepreneur within a bigger company and considering this product your kid.

5. How would you describe EGYM in three words?
Box of chocolate.
6. What is your favorite EGYM event?

The Christmas party because EGYMees from all different offices come together and have a great evening together before everybody goes back home to celebrate with their families.