We manage our business regarding financing, controlling, accounting, or legal issues for all our markets around the world. We are the ones who track our performance, make sure money is spent efficiently and are managing all financial transactions. If you are an Excel crack, enthusiastic about business economics or accounting, you should join our Finance, Accounting & Legal Department!




Sales Finance




Finance & Legal



1. What are you currently working on?
At EGYM I guarantee a smooth operation of the sales finance process. Particularly this includes giving adequate advice to all of our customers who are interested in leasing their EGYM equipment.
In order to satisfy the individual needs of our customers, the development of a financing network is an essential part of my job. Almost every day, I negotiate with banks, leasing companies and brokers all over Europe to offer an optimal tailor-made financial solution for our clients.

2. What was your most exciting project?
The entire sales finance process is a major project. Our entire team needs to improve our processes every day to keep pace with the enormous growth of the company.

3. Describe the team you are working in in three words.
Motivated, ambitious, purposeful.

4. What is special about your job at EGYM?
The variety of challenging and responsible tasks.

5. How would you describe EGYM in with three words?
Young, innovative, aspiring.

6. What is your favorite EGYM event?

1. What are you currently working on?
Currently we are working on our monthly statements. Also I am handling the commissions and outgoing goods, therefore I am checking everything as part of my daily tasks and create the invoices and statements accordingly.

2. What was your most exciting project?
Handling the comissions and creating the statements.

3. Describe the team you are working in with three words.
Loyal, hardworking, effective.

4. What are your daily tasks?
My daily tasks include checking all outgoing goods regarding the financial processing and their commission, reviewing the contracts of guarantee, checking the settlements of the credit card accounts, looking after all kind of statements and their status and much more…

5. What is special about your job at EGYM?
The fact that EGYM is a start-up presents a lot of new challenges and opportunities which I find very challenging and enjoy quite a lot. You get to broaden your knowledge on a daily basis and grow as team.

6. What is your favorite time of day and why?
The mornings. I like to come in quite early as I prefer to work in the mornings. I find it easier to concentrate and it’s quite nice to see how quiet the office can be before everyone comes in and starts working on their projects.

7. What is your favorite office place?
Probably the kitchen area because it’s not only a great place to get coffee and food from, but you always meet a lot of people and it’s a great place to socialize and cook together in groups for lunch.



1. What was your most exciting project?
My most exciting project was at full speed when I started at EGYM, our latest financing round. It was a big challenge for us to prepare the business cases under the pressure of tight deadlines. For me it was the best start I could wish for, I hit the ground running and got engaged in the project from the first day. The learning curve was very steep and I got to know all about eGym’s business areas and future plans within no time.

2. Describe the team you are working in with three words.
Motivated, team-oriented and analytical.

3. What are your daily tasks?
On a regular basis I work on our monthly reports for internal and external stakeholders, in the first phase this concerns preparing them and aligning with our accounting team and other business fields we need input from, in the second phase analyzing our current performance. At this moment, we are expanding our reporting structures and improving the information we can retrieve from it, to make sure we can measure the performance of our business areas with the right focus and indicators. Next to that, we look ahead with our forecast models: What do we expect for the upcoming months and years? What are the effects of EGYM’s current investments on our long-term results? Lastly, quite a bit of time I spend on ad-hoc requests that come in various forms to support the other teams with additional figures and analyses.

4. How would you describe EGYM in three words?
Ambitious, innovative and loads of fun.

5. What is your favorite time of the day?
The drive home on my bike after a productive working day, a day with lots of challenges, learning, fun and a place I look forward to going back to the next day!

6. What is your favorite EGYM event?
The EGYM summer event!