We are the ones that keep our customers happy by handling all sorts of requests through different channels. Furthermore, we help our customers by processing their orders and making sure that we deliver their desired products just in time. This should be your department of choice if you are a problem solver and enjoy working in close contact to customers.




Order Management

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Customer Support


Field Service



1. What are you currently working on?
The main part of my daily work is the order management. My team and I take care of the delivery of the EGYM machines to the customers. From the beginning onwards we are the main contact for the gyms as well as physio practices and coordinate the whole process until they receive their machines.

2. What was your most exciting project?
I have a lot of exciting projects. Every new order is unpredictable – some of them are easy to process, some of them are a real challenge. You never know what you’re going to get and that’s really fascinating about my job.

3. Describe the team you are working in with three words.
Funny bunch, teamplayers.

4. What is special about your job at EGYM?
The working atmosphere here at EGYM is great. Everyone is so cooperative and the team leaders give you the chance to develop yourself further. Besides the work there are also many leisure time activities and further training possibilities.

5. How would you describe EGYM in three words?
Young, start-up atmosphere, determined.

6. What is your favorite EGYM event?
My favorite EGYM event was our last team event this month. Our whole team was playing bubble soccer and it was a lot of fun!

1. What was your most exciting project?
Being part of a cross-team task force that delivered outstanding results in minimum time while significantly contributing to the company achieving its business goals.

2. Describe the team you are working in in three words.
Dynamic, international, awesome.

3. What are your daily tasks?

  • Most importantly, to support my team with difficult cases and process optimizations.
  • Make sure all team members are able to deliver outstanding service and care to our customers.
  • Plan and manage all deliveries and implementations in Spain.
  • Work closely with other teams to establish new processes and integrations.

4. What is special about your job at EGYM?
At EGYM, everyone’s work has a huge impact on the growth of the company. For example, when I started working at EGYM, we did not have any clients in Spain. A year later we had a double-digit number of gyms with many more to come. Knowing that my efforts helped pave that road is truly satisfying and motivating to continue working hard.

5. How would you describe EGYM in three words?
Innovative, fast-paced and fascinating.

6. What is your favorite EGYM event?
Our team’s regular Bavarian breakfast, because I love the combination of high-tech and tradition 🙂


1. What are you currently working on?  What are the Service Technicians working on?
At the moment, I’m mostly focusing on daily business, which consists of consulting the Service Technicians and the Customer Managers on how to deal with difficult technical issues in field or in finding solutions for challenging customer cases, as well as maintaining the regular feedback loop with my team on a personal, organizational and technical level.
The latter includes a bi-directional exchange of information between the departments (such as Mechanical Design, Electrical Engineering, Graphical User Interface and Production) with the Field Service. This happens in the form of trainings, suggestions for improvement as well as developing and testing of new solutions for the field service.

Beside this daily business, a few current tasks are improving the painting and the mounting process of the RFID module in the production as well as finding a service solution for mounting grip tapes.

Two more things are training the technicians for new technical developments in our machines and improving an automated channel, which realistically maps in-field failures onto usable statistics, which in turn determine the resource allocation of our developers.

2. What was your most exciting project?
Testing different physical effects like gas pressure or rubber, which contracts during heat exposure, to improve our processes in field.

3. Describe the team you are working in with three words.
Experienced, agile, goal-oriented.

4. What is special about being a Service Technician at EGYM?
As we got gyms and physio practices in different countries and cities, the whole world can be your working place! Our Service Technicians have a lot of flexibility in their work, as they participate in deciding how to schedule their tours, how to solve their problems as well as in improving the development and production of our machines by giving feedback.
Our communication is direct and at eye level.

5. How would you describe EGYM in three words?
Young, agile, motivated.

6. What is your favorite EGYM event?
EGYM’s annual summer event 🙂