We drive EGYM’s successful growth and expansion by looking for development opportunities and new markets around the world. Therefore we measure important KPIs, get a deep insight into EGYM figures and analyze our customers challenges in every different market to finally offer them solutions. If you love numbers and figures as much as analytical and strategic work, you should become an EGYMEE in one of our Business Development teams!




Inhouse Consulting


Business Development



1. What are you currently working on?
I am working on a very exciting internal project which deals with improving conversion time from the moment a contract for an EGYM circuit is being signed to the time of delivery. I find it really interesting because it covers many different areas of the company, has a large impact and a big, great team to work with.

2. Describe the team you are working in with three words.
Cross-functional, fun, always changing

3. What are your daily tasks?
Very different depending on the projects: from working my way through the German health insurance market, to defining new CRM processes, preparing investment rounds, defining new strategies or conducting due diligences – it’s a vast variety of tasks. Knowing your way through Powerpoint and Excel and multitasking are definitely a must.

4. What is your favorite time of day and why?
Playing table soccer for a short break in the afternoon – it’s just so much fun.

5. What is your favorite office place?
Our rooftop terrace (besides our table soccer, of course :))

6. What is your favorite EGYM event?
I like all our team events in general – they often involve something sporty: beach volleyball, bowling, fencing, …

1. What are you currently working on?
As the company is growing and changing very fast, our responsibilities are also changing. Since a couple of months our team is taking care of the new business ideas, which address basically the entry of new markets or the approach of new target groups and result both in short and in long term projects. As you can imagine most of the topics concerning business development are still top secret. But in general I am currently working on several projects for developing solutions for corporates. This includes the closer investigation of different possibilities, the development of concepts and business models and finally the implementation of pilot projects to prove the concepts.

2. What was your most exciting project?
The most exciting project is the one that I am primarily working on right now. It is a pilot project for a new vertical segment we are going to approach and focuses on the corporate health market.

3. Describe the team you are working in with three words.
Three power ladies… and one power man! haha !

4. What is special about your job at EGYM?
Well, where to start…? While I have gone through different career stages at EGYM – starting as an intern, then being a working student, writing my master thesis at EGYM and becoming a full-time employee -, I have also experienced the massive growth of the company (from 80 to more than 300 employees within two years). One thing that has never changed is the huge diversity of topics and tasks I have been able to be part of. I really enjoy the fact that I can grow further with each new task I have to solve. Even though we have reached the size of a mid-sized company, in some aspects working at EGYM still feels like working in a smaller start-up: In order to tackle challenges, you need to take over various tasks and responsibilities at the same time – from concept development to project management and implementation, but also marketing and social media. These tasks require ability to learn fast, communication and coordination and help me gain experience in so many different areas each day! I have experienced a very steep learning curve and I could not have imagined a better start of my professional career.

5. How would you describe EGYM in three words?
Best start-up ever (a.k.a innovative, challenging, “VOLLGAS”)

6. What is your favorite EGYM event?
Oh, it is hard to pick just one – we have so many great events… I really enjoy the fact that there are many opportunities to meet up with colleagues, whether it will be in smaller groups at lunch time (like the Brown Bag Lunches) or bigger groups after work (The Team Mash-ups). But my personal highlight for 2016 was the summer event: we spent two days on a lake nearby Munich and had to build everything we need for the evening on our own – tipis, bars in the water, waterslides etc.