…learn from each other!

At eGym we have created a very special way of sharing knowledge within the company: our so-called eGym Gurus!

Every employee that has expert knowledge in a specific area can volunteer to become an eGym Guru. Suggestions come from the Gurus themselves, but also from their colleagues who have solved problems thanks to a Guru’s expertise. Read More

…think outside of the box!

Over the last year 2016 our team worked hard on developing the eGym Fitness App as a product and improving it with the help of continuous feedback from our customers. Together with a complete redesign of the app, we felt that these big changes should also be visible in the app icon that users see on their phones. Therefore, a visually pleasing and aesthetic app icon is vital and a challenging task at the same time. As this is a team effort, our product manager Lisa organized a design thinking workshop during the developers’ Innovation Week in the new DATA SPACE by SAP. Read More

…enjoy our time together!

In June 2016, eGymees from all our locations gathered for our summer company event. Our entire team with members from the UK, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany spent two very fun and exciting days together at an activity park just east of Munich to get to know each other better and enjoy the sunny weather. Read More