Our five EGYM habits

At EGYM we follow five EGYM habits – our principles that drive how we work together in our day-to-day. Born from the unique stories we heard on what brings us to EGYM each day we combined with what we have learned. Habits are like sign posts on a highway – they give directions without limitation… Read More

We move swiftly & decisively

At EGYM we are here to win and therefore we find ways to speed-up analysis, decision-making and execution while not compromising on quality. We win together when we accelerate together. When collaborative exploration and decision making happens with minimum friction and clutter – it creates clarity for the organization.

…learn from each other!

At eGym we have created a very special way of sharing knowledge within the company: our so-called eGym Gurus!

Every employee that has expert knowledge in a specific area can volunteer to become an eGym Guru. Suggestions come from the Gurus themselves, but also from their colleagues who have solved problems thanks to a Guru’s expertise. Read More

…enjoy our time together!

In June 2016, eGymees from all our locations gathered for our summer company event. Our entire team with members from the UK, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany spent two very fun and exciting days together at an activity park just east of Munich to get to know each other better and enjoy the sunny weather. Read More